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3 Reasons to Keep Your Style Game on Point With Designer Diamond Jewellery

Are you the one who gets bored of wearing the same jewelry all the time and is looking for some tidbits to have a change with designer diamond jewelry? Let’s see something which you already know but skipped paying proper attention to it.

Style Statement Your Way

Women never wear anything just like that. Everything has a pretty good reason behind it. In fact, the way you are aware of your jewelry and other stuff buying preferences is the way you define your style statement. Secondly, what others think of you is none of your business but it is up to you what you want to make them think. So just make sure that whatever you will wear is going to be your statement jewelry piece for others and it is nothing less than your diva glance.

There is yet another meaning for style statement, it could be your favorite diamond bracelet designs which you keep wearing all the time. This can even make you easily identified. You can add a little sparkle to your outfits by gracefully matching the same trinket differently.
Crystal Clear Personality Reflection

Whatever you choose is a clear reflection of your personality. Believe it or not, people still judge you by your outfits, jewelry and every single thing which you adorn. From the tiny diamond rings for women to plush designer bags you carry depicts your personal taste. For instance, women wearing floral theme jewelry all the time show her likings towards similar kind of trinkets while some love to freely experiment by picking the jewelry pieces they never had before. This is indeed a great idea for trying out different looks every time.

Dictate Unique Fashion Sense

Those who love to be referred as a fashionista will always keep themselves up-to-date with trends or to be better, they will rather choose to be a trendsetter, isn’t it? Think that the world is your runway and you have to rock your style. This is how you should adorn outfits or fashion accessories. Carrying this little thought in mind can make a big difference even with a little trinket which we call designer diamond pendant. Remember that you define your own elegance and it can be in many forms.

The golden rule to define your sensibility for fashion is one should never think what others will think and follow your heart.
Whether you are styling a casual T, formal-wear, gown or maxi-dress, there should be a touch of magic in every look. This is something very usual but can make an unusual difference to your appearance on several noteworthy occasions.

Isn’t it amazing how some common things which we already know but never notice and they can literally help in transforming your entire look? This is what you are supposed to do with your designer diamond jewelry, level-up your style game and feel the change without approaching any stylist.

Should I Invest in Gemstones Rather Than in Diamonds?

Any good financial adviser will tell you that a balanced portfolio is the way to go in order to maintain some level of stability through any economy. This is why it’s always a good idea to have precious metals and gemstones. That said, diamonds and other stones cannot be publicly traded the way you do with stocks and bonds. Investing in diamonds is certainly a worthwhile way to create a strong financial future, but there are a lot of things that you need to know before you consider making them part of your investment strategy.

The first thing to consider is the amount of money that you have to invest. Keep in mind that gemstones are a long-term investment, and therefore not a way to make some quick money. Any money you invest today is going to be tied up for many years to come.

While diamonds are the first thing that come to mind when investing in gemstones, they are not your only option. For the most part, there are massive conglomerates in control of the global trade of diamond. Familiar gems that are no controlled in that way are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Lesser known stones that are also available to invest in include the likes of Alexandrite, opals, tsavorite, and South Sea pearls.

Before you invest in diamonds, you should have an understanding of how they are valued. Carat is the weight of the diamond, and is one of the 4 C’s, the other three of which are Clarity, Cut, and Color. Diamonds that are beautifully cut and visibly yellow are valuable, but not worth as much as flawless, heavier diamonds that are blue white. You could potentially be looking at a difference of $50,000 in a diamonds of the same weight.

While blue white diamonds are among the most valuable, there are exceptions, which would be the colored diamonds referred to as fancies, which are rarer than white diamonds. Even though it was only 5 carats, the Moussaieff Red Diamond sold for $7 million. Some of the colors you will find in fancy diamonds are blue, pink, violet, green, and vibrant bright yellow.

In valuing colored gemstones, the rarity of the stone, as well as the depth of the color, carat, clarity, and cut, are taken into consideration. Rubies are about 1000X more valuable per carat than amethyst. One common mistake that is made is to believe that color tells you what the stone is. Many people would identify a blue stone as a sapphire, but it could also be a beryl, topaz, zircon, spinel, or iolite, which are all valued differently. Sapphires also come in a wide variety of colors other than blue.

When purchasing gemstones, always go with a reputable dealer. You are going to find all sorts of individuals selling stones online, but there is a distinct possibility of being ripped off, unless of course you are a certified gemologist trained to value stones.

Once you own the gems, keep them locked up somewhere safe., with a safety deposit box in a bank being your best option. Gemstones are small and can easily fit in your pocket, which is a lot of money to be carrying around. Gemstones removed from a piece of jewelry become much more difficult to identify, so leave them as is if you can.

Buying at retail price is not a good investment, so skip the jewelry stores and look for loose gems at wholesale prices when you invest.

All You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Diamond Jewellery

Every one of us requires a break from our daily and sometimes boring lives occasionally. Holidays are the point at which you can experiment with new looks and stylish styles to up your fashion game. Regardless of whether you are setting out to a tropical area or taking off to the slopes for a truly necessary break, you have to design your closet as indicated by your goal. Draw out the fashionista in you by carrying the scintillating diamond jewellery that you own and add gleam to your outfits. Read on for some valuable tips on how to flaunt your jewellery while on vacation.

Diamond Necklace

These are a staple thing in each young lady’s adornments box. They add show and oomph to any outfit and supplement both western and ethnic wear. Furthermore, you can without much of a stretch carry lesser garments for your get-away and create an impression with your in vogue art pieces of jewellery to draw out the diva in you. Play safe via by carrying pendants along you’re your diamond necklaces. Keep your jewellery composed and tangle-free by passing the sensitive chain through a tasting straw and bolting the chain. This will shield them from tangling and furthermore enable them to stay separated from other jewellery pieces that you are carrying with you. On the off chance that you are carrying a thick jewellery, you can utilize paper towel moves to keep them organized.

This trap can be utilized for ornaments like bracelets, bangles and anklets. Ensure you put the adornments in a zip secure sack or a different compartment in your things to maintain a proper distance from them from getting stirred up. Moreover, in the event that you are utilizing boxes to for carrying your adornments, ensure you add a couple of cotton balls to take up the abundant space in the case and shield your jewellery from getting tangled.

Diamond Earrings

Carrying diamond earrings can be precarious as they are littler than other jewellery pieces and should be kept in sets. Keep them in place by locking them through a mammoth coat button. You can likewise utilize old sweet tin boxes or mint boxes to store dainty studs. In the event that you are conveying numerous arrangements of hoops, have a go at utilizing a day by day pill box with assigned compartments for regular pills. Along these lines you can keep them in order according to the outfit of the day. This trap can even be utilized for littler bits of adornments like rings and nose pins.

In case you haven’t bought jewellery for your upcoming vacation, honeymoon or a destination wedding of your best friend head out to Perrian for a wide range of designs, that are handcrafted to perfection, which will suffice all your needs and requirements.

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